Sperm Plugs!!


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I need help. I have a Panther Chameleon, about 6 months old. He is great, but about 4 days ago I noticed something sticking out of his vent. I have now learnt its a sperm plug and not poop, which i thought was stuck. Ive read you can just pull these sperm plugs out. Ive tried, but, its like its still attached to part of him inside. I do not want to hurt him or cause distress, so I do not continue. I have tried bathing him, must to his horror. Im misting and spraying. Next is vaseline. After that the vet, who will look at him with the wtf expression. Anyone ever remove these butt plugs? He is in good health, eating, pooping, drinking, shedding and happy about being handled. He is not acting off. Thanks for any advice I would appreciate the help.
I have a Multi who just always seems to build up sperm plugs and can never "get them out" for lack of better terms. Several times I have had to soak him in belly deep warm water, and them slowly pull them out. If it has only been 4 days I would give him more time to expel them. If you have never done this before, I would probably find a vet to help you as you could cause considerable harm to his "parts".
Has he pooped since the plug got stuck?. Sometimes when they poop the sperm plug will come out. Mine deposits sperm when he poops sometimes. I have never had him have one stuck though.
Yeah wait until his next poo before you try any vent. Mine had a stuck plug that I misted and he couldn't drag it off either. but the next time he went the thing came off with it.
Thank you all for your replies its much appreciated to get experienced advice and I feel less worried :). I will wait, I can see that its only coming from one side the other is clear. Trying to get a vet that has experience.
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