Sick Panther Chameleon


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My 1 year old panther chameleon stopped eating his normal cricket diet. I was able to get him to eat some super worms 3 days ago which is normally a snack. He regurgitated them up during the night. I took him to the vet this am and I think she may have been doing research in the back while I waited. He does not seem dehydrated but I have increased his misting time and closed in his screened in cage more to hold the humidity. I have also increased the temperature. Using tropical linear uvb bulb and added an additional screw in uvb. Vet gave me eye drops she thought he may have a clogged tear duct. I was able to syringe feed him the past 2 nights calcium enricheded crickets that I pureed.


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I agree that he is definitely attempting to clean out his eye in the pic but this is more than just trash in his eye. The eye has become misshapen due to whatever is going on...


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The mishape is from him trying to get it out I would try to flush out then do vet for the paste for infection you can actually get it online it’s the same stuff used for dog and cats


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Looks like the deformity could be from a build up of puss maybe? Definitely looks infected.

Read up on the shower method and let him sit on a plant in the shower for 15-20 minutes every day or every other day. Itll help him clean his eye as best he can and also help keep him hydrated while on meds if prescribed.
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