eye infection

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    He started blinking like this first
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    Panther eye issue
  3. L

    Panther with eye problem, please help!

    Hey guys, I have a red bar panther just over a year old and for a couple months now he keeps his left eye closed about 50% of the time during the day. As of recent he has been keeping it shut more frequently and has become quite a bit less active. Even just a month ago he was very active, always...
  4. ChamChiefin

    Eye Problem is reoccuring and worsened, awaiting vet appointment, need input.

    Hello, Recently I moved my Panther Chameleon to a new cage and not even a week later i notice his one eye is closed shut so i do some research and give him a few thorough showers/spray downs and his eye opens up and is working perfectly. A few days pass by and then i catch my chameleon rubbing...
  5. J

    Chameleon eye problem. Help please!

    My male nosy faly chameleon, Cosmo, won't open either of his eyes. They arent bulged out and I don't think they are sunken in at all( maybe a tiny bit) I see him drinking regularly, so he is not dehydrated. He has proper lighting, temp, etc. And I do my very best with his humidity. I have a...
  6. Rosco

    Possible eye problem

    I have a 6 month old panther male. I use a linear 5.0 reptisun bulb and the basking temps are at 93 with ambient at 78. I have an aquazamp that runs from 7 am - 7pm, every two hours for one minute. The relative humidity is at 55% on average with higher peaks during the misting. My problem is my...
  7. Lleroy

    SABAX SODIUM CHLORIDE - in Chameleon eyes?

    I have two Female panther chameleons with eye problems. I bought the one about a week ago already with one damaged(dried out) eye. I am trying to save the eyes, but need some advice. I went to the Pharmacy and asked the guy behind the counter for SALINE solution with no additives. I told him its...
  8. leanna156

    Eyelid Swelling

    Cage Info: * Cage Type - 20x24x36" screen cage * Lighting - Reptiglo 5.0, normal fluorescent lights, and 60 Watt incandescent for heat are on for 11 hours a day. * Temperature - 90 degree basking area, 70 degree in the shade, 70 at night. * Humidity - 40-45% created...
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