Chameleon eye problem. Help please!

Discussion in 'Health Clinic' started by Jjreeb, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. Jjreeb

    Jjreeb New Member

    My male nosy faly chameleon, Cosmo, won't open either of his eyes. They arent bulged out and I don't think they are sunken in at all( maybe a tiny bit) I see him drinking regularly, so he is not dehydrated. He has proper lighting, temp, etc. And I do my very best with his humidity. I have a fogger and monsoon, but the fogged brings humidity to 100% in minutes, and the monsoon always either floods my tank, or doesn't keep it humid enough. Ambient humidity is around 35-60% and 100 when I have the fogger on( couple hours a day usually). The problem started a week or so ago when 2 things happened: 1. I ran out of crickets and 2. I left my dogger on for 24hrs by accident, and Cosmo slept right under it. For food instead of crickets, I offered kingworms, which he will usually take (although with more hesitation then the crickets) he didn't take any, and still hasn't. I will get crickets again tomorrow. Now, from doing a little reading, I feel that one possible reason for the shut eyes is being under the fogger. I always hear not to mist the eyes. Is this true? What can I do for him? What are other common chameleon eye problems and what causes them and how can they be treated? Thank you so much for every bit of advice. I just want to see him happy and healthy again. He hasnt moved for like a week except for when I moved him. He Is young, always colored up, normally very active, still has a strong gripif there is any other info that could help let me know, I'll check back on this thread as often as I can. Thank you all again so much!
  2. chamlover98

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    First thing is I don't see anything about you gut-loading your crickets, mealworms, silkworms, hornworms etc. are you?

    in addition to offering your chameleon insects for consumption, veiled chameleons also consume vegetable matter. Dark green leafy vegetables, and also those fruits and vegetables that are orange, yellow or red contain beta-carotene.

    Human pharmacies carry beta-carotene supplements for humans, and these can be used for reptiles, as well. Beta-carotene is supplied as a capsule that is filled with a red liquid, so it is simple to make a small hole in the end of the capsule and squeeze out a drop or two of the liquid, which can then either be administered orally, directly into the mouth, can be drizzled over food items

    The eye problem that your chameleon is experiencing could be something other than hypovitaminosis A, so I do recommend that you consider taking your chameleon in to be evaluated by a qualified herp veterinarian as soon as possible.
  3. Elizadolots

    Elizadolots New Member

    You can't assume it's an eye problem...eyes are just a general "tell" on chameleons...lots of problems are first noticed as "eye" issues.

    I strongly recommend you complete the How To Ask For Help form, be as specific and detailed as possible, "fecal description" means tell us what the poop looks like, don't hesitate to attach a picture of poop. Seeing your chameleon drink isn't a guarantee he's not dehydrated, the poop will tell that tale....
  4. chamlover98

    chamlover98 New Member

    absolutely true could not be an "eye problem" right now, but I would still have him checked out, only because cham eyes are irreplaceable :)
  5. Jjreeb

    Jjreeb New Member

    Honestly for gut loading crickets I use rep-cal cricket food. I don't gut load silkworms, hornworms or kingworms, as they are fed the day I get them. In the pet store, the crickets are fed another kind of pre-made Gutload the kings are refrigerated and don't eat anything and the silks and hornworms eat food the supplier sends. (brown moist clumps that easily squish or tear apart for the silks and something that looks kind of like bread (but isn't) for the hornworms. Unfortunately I can't be more specific then that. What would be a good gut load recipe? I have mostly been monitoring his poop, and has seemed fine. I cleaned his cage today, so I don't have his poop, but will check it out next time he poops. What are other possible health concerns? Are they're other tell-tale signs I can look for?
  6. Jjreeb

    Jjreeb New Member

    How to ask for help form

    Chameleon info: Cosmo, nosy faly panther chameleon, male, approx. 9mos. Old, in my care since early october, purchased at reptile show from most reputable breeder around. He is rarely handled with the exception of cleaning. He always puffs and gaped. He normally eats crickets daily, with kingworms instead if I run out. He always has a few in a container in the cage. I think he probably eats anywhere between 4-12 a day, depending on the day and size of crickets. He usually gets 2-3 silkworms once or twice a week and a hornworm every couple weeks. Gut load info is in my previous post. I use exo-terra calcium, multi-vitamin and calcium+d3. I pre mix these supplements (4parts calcium to 1part or multi vitamin and 1part calcium+D3. I usually dust 3 times a week. Has never been tested for parasites. Look in previous post again for info on fecal.

    36x18x36" exo-terra glass terrarium.
    Exo-terra lighting: 1x 5.0uvb 1x2.0uvb (30" fluorescent) and for heat, I have a 100watt broad spectrum daylight exo-terra heat bulb
    Temp is usually around 85 on warm side down to 75. Don't know lowest night time temps. I live in Alberta, so it gets cold. Right now it's midnight and sitting at 67. Tested on both sides with digital thrmo/hygro. Humidity is anywhere between 45-100. (impossible to keep it more stable in my house. I've tried everything. I normally check on him every couple hours and adjust his monsoon and dogger accordingly. I don't have any live plants yet, but plan on getting some this spring. He has all exo-terra silk plants and bendable vines. The cage is in my room( usually I'm in there, but no one else. He right next to my bed and near a window I often keep open. His cage is almost 3 feet off the ground so the top is almost 6 feet up. I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

    The problem: his eyes are closed and he doesn't eat or move . Occurring for almost a week now

    I really hope this helps! If you need any more info, ask. I will see a herp vet ASAP, but have to wait till next paycheque. I just don't have the money. What can I do for him in the time being, and what are possible diagonises? I would like to research more about chameleon health, as it is where I have the least knowledge; but I ave no idea where to look. I was amazed by all the different chameleon problems, and would like help narrowing it down at the very least to the one that may be affecting my buddy, Cosmo.

    I sincerely thank you for all the help!
  7. Dr O

    Dr O Veterinarian

    What kind of water are you using to fill the fogger with?
  8. Jjreeb

    Jjreeb New Member

    Tap water. I have a conditioner too, but I was told it's completely unnecessary
  9. Dr O

    Dr O Veterinarian

    and the problem started virtually after he had been dripped on by the fogger all night?
  10. Jjreeb

    Jjreeb New Member

    Ya, it seems to have. He didn't have his eyes closed at that point, but seemed rather lazy and inactive. I wasn't too worried until I noticed yesterday that they were closed
  11. kinyonga

    kinyonga Chameleon Enthusiast

    Does he wheeze or sit with his mouth open at all?
  12. carol5208

    carol5208 Chameleon Enthusiast

    on a side note here....kingworms or I am assuming superworms dont have to refrigerated and they can gutloaded just like crickets for your info. They would be a much more nutritional feeder if you gutload them.
  13. mcleodschams

    mcleodschams Established Member

    :confused::confused:why did this thread stop i hope the op got a pm and help just didnt stop!
  14. chamlover98

    chamlover98 New Member

    I hope it didnt stop either.
  15. Jjreeb

    Jjreeb New Member

    King worms turn into beetles within days unless refridgerated.
    I've never notice him sitting with mouth open and he is not wheezing
  16. Jjreeb

    Jjreeb New Member

    No pm yet, still hoping to find some advice!
  17. chamlover98

    chamlover98 New Member

    If you don't get some pms soon you could try to do the shower treatment see if the humidity and water on and near him will get him to open up

    idk otherwise :S

    if that doesnt work I would get it to a vet soon with a fecal sample
  18. Dr O

    Dr O Veterinarian

    From a practical veterinary standpoint, I often see animals such as lizards or turtles that have been exposed to tapwater for extended periods of time and the chlorine bothers their eyes. with aquatic turtles it is not uncommon to see them with red eyes for 1 to 2 weeks after being placed in chlorine, however they usually adapt to it and it often winds up being beneficial in terms of its antibacterial properties. if this is what's bothering your chameleon the chlorine would have dried out and possibly slightly damaged his cornea. An antibiotic topical gel would be excellent for this applied daily, but at the very least some sort of lubricating ointment such as Genteal for severe or dry eyes which is available at pharmacies may give him some comfort within a few days.
  19. Davonat

    Davonat New Member

    Not to high jack this thread or anything....But its SO COOL to have a vet posting his thoughts on our forum!!!:D
    I too have said before .... I dont like putting chams in showers.. Because of chlorine and other things they will drink from tap water,,,,,Also if you add any hot water to the shower... That adds all kinds of heavy metals from electric water heaters.
  20. Madgreek19

    Madgreek19 New Member

    Did you try putting a humidifier in your room? It worked for me, humidity never falls below 50 and during misting shoots up to 100 and gradually back down to 50. Hope your Cham feels better post some pics

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