1. 1BF68D33-75C3-430D-89EC-40CD34BB9773.jpeg


    He started blinking like this first
  2. DC93E4D0-0309-4391-8A73-0ED05FB686C6.jpeg


    Panther eye issue
  3. Pablothecow


    Please help! My ~3 year old veiled is blind in one eye, and is having problems with her other one now too. She keeps it closed all the time and only opens it for about two seconds sometimes if I agitate her enough. The vet gave me vitamin supplements for her eye, so that's good. My biggest...
  4. Hannah04

    Chameleon eye

    Hey guys, I haven't posted in a while, but I'm hoping someone can help me out. I have had my male panther chameleon for about 2 years now. Just yesterday he started closing his left eye on and off. He is going through a shed right now but that is not normal for him. Today his eye is...
  5. katgraver

    Eyes and lighting

    So it has been awesome and yet challenging adjusting to having a chameleon. Newest challenge has been moments where Sir George can't see. Today I had him outside all day. He started the day not moving and cranky but improved as the day progressed , by the end of the day he could totally see and...
  6. J

    Baby jacksonii jacksonii closing eyes during the day

    Hi, hope you can help me understand what's going on. I bought 3 young j.jacksonii in September. They were in a small exo Terra with a basking spot of low 80s ambient in 70s, sprayed 4 times a day, 5.0 exo Terra UV tube. Since iv had them all 3 didn't eat much and only fruit flies. They...
  7. lizzleberry


    Hi, today Pascal went to the vets for the 3rd new problem in a year. It turned out to be another eye infection, the same as he has had before (the first time he went - the second time was an infection along his spine) and he's back on exocin drops for the next week or so. I was wondering if...
  8. Chameleon87

    Help! Eye completely black & shut

    Milton “the Monster: is a 3 yr 4 month old male panther chameleon. His right eye is completely black, you can't see the iris. He can see out of it and track movements and everything I just think it agitates him if he uses it too much. Look at the attached pictures!!! His eye had problems...
  9. Zajlol

    Eye slot

    Hey I have a quick question, so I have noticed that one of my panthers eyes are not as open as the other, like it seems like its kinda closeing but it's not, it's the eye slot that looks smaller compared to the other eye what's wrong?
  10. Rosco

    Possible eye problem

    I have a 6 month old panther male. I use a linear 5.0 reptisun bulb and the basking temps are at 93 with ambient at 78. I have an aquazamp that runs from 7 am - 7pm, every two hours for one minute. The relative humidity is at 55% on average with higher peaks during the misting. My problem is my...
  11. chamcrazy

    Help, my veiled won't open her rt. eye!

    I have a 1 year old female veiled. I've had her since she was only about 2 months old. Excellent health. Today I noticed she is keeping her right eye closed. She will slowly & barely open it for just a split second, but for the most part, it almost looks like it's painful to open it. I have...
  12. Gantu


    Orange Eye Parson's
  13. Female Cape Dwarf - Aka Freddie

    Female Cape Dwarf - Aka Freddie

    Bulging eye
  14. Graceful Chameleon 1

    Graceful Chameleon 1

    This was Harry's first picture in the lot. This is his normal coloration. Graceful is a perfect name for these chameleons.
  15. Graceful Chameleon 2

    Graceful Chameleon 2

    This was a few minutes earlier than #1. He was less stressed and closer to his normal green look.
  16. Goldeneye


    I didn't see the eye during the shooting. Just while viewing the pictures, I realized the flash made the eye visible since there are still a few scales missing. (Kinyongia multituberculata)
  17. Googleyeye


    Rango's eye
  18. Padre Chilling Out

    Padre Chilling Out

    Padre the most laid back chameleon.
  19. George July Photo Contest Entry

    George July Photo Contest Entry

  20. As I See It

    As I See It

    Tight shot of the eye of a Cham.
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