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today Pascal went to the vets for the 3rd new problem in a year. It turned out to be another eye infection, the same as he has had before (the first time he went - the second time was an infection along his spine) and he's back on exocin drops for the next week or so.
I was wondering if minor infections like this are common in chameleons? He's not eating anything or pooping which the vet says is because he can't see (his eyes are closed) so i'm feeding him carnivore mix and seeing how he gets on with being hand fed stuff so I can't tell his general health from his appetite or poop because he doesnt have an appetite or poop.
His care has been to the book but it has been a little hot lately - temperatures ranging from 30 (basking) and 27 - 29 (everywhere else) degrees C and from 20 - 25 degrees C at night.
he's drinking loads and will even let me squirt water into his mouth which I would assume is a good trusting thing but I think he's just hot and needs more water.
is there any known reason for a chameleon to get so many infections?
any guesses?


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If your doing everything by the book I'm wondering if it's just bad genetics. That's sad tho I'm sorry hes having a hard time, but glad your doing everything you can to care for him!


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Im so sorry your little guy is having troubles :(

Can I ask why are you feeding him carnivore mix? He's an insectivore and so some of the animal fats and protiens in this mix can be harmful to him. They're not designed to break down food for mammals.

If you are having to feed him hand to mouth, you can either kill the bugs and pop it in his mouth whole, or you can make bug juice. You make bug juice by basically blending the bugs up into a smoothie and feed him the goo with a syringe (no needle). This will be better for him than carnivore mix. Feeding him stuff he can't process properly will harm his organs.

I know you say you do things by the book and I'm not doubting you :) but can you please fill out this form and some of the members here can maybe give you some extra pointers. All chams are different and it may just be a small factor that could improve your little guys situation.


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the carnivore mix is what my vet gave me when i took my sisters (critically sick, completely neglected - they went on holiday and left me to look after the animals. taking her gecko to the vet was the first thing i did when i saw the condition) gecko there. it was seriously thin and the vet gave me a sachet to use on the gecko and keep for any further problems i may have. the gecko put on weight with this so i figured it was a good thing to keep hold of. ill start trying with live insects as soon as he can see again.

Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon - 1 and a bit year old male Yemen, I've had him just over a year.
Handling - Every day. He'll come out for an explore or to sit on my shoulder for a half hour or so when I'm reading a book.
Feeding - At the moment Pascal is being overly picky with his food - he'll only go for locusts which ill dust with his vitamin mix.
Supplements - Chameleon dust which has all the stuff he needs in it, I've been recommended by my vet and shop owner to use this over basic vitamins.
Watering - Misting heavily twice a day, I do sometimes see him drinking.
Fecal Description - Currently not pooping because he's stopped eating while he can't see. i'm hoping this will refresh his appetite and he'll go back to liking crickets and worms etc as at the moment he's gone off all the insects i usually feed him. I try to buy a wide variety but so far no luck.
History - nope.

Cage Info:
Cage Type - 65gallon flexarium
Lighting - 2x 5.0 uvb bulbs. one has ran out but i use it anyway, the other is a few months old.
Temperature - normal temp around 26 - 28 celcius, basking from 29 - 31 celcius. night time around 22 celcius
Humidity - not very humid, around room humidity which i try but fail to make more tropical by leaving the door open when i shower and misting heavily.
Plants - no live plants, this summer has been terrible and none of the stores have the ones i need.
Placement - my bedroom - top floor, very quiet - he only usually sees me and my boyfriend, he's next to a window which is always closed (air tight etc) which he likes to gaze out of.
Location - south coast of the UK.
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