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I've had my veiled chameleon for almost a year now and when I got her she was a little less than 9 months, so she is just coming up on a year and 8 months. I've heard that even though females eggs aren't fertilized they still lay the eggs? if this is true when do they start doing this, what are the signs I should look out for and how do I help her through the process? thanks!

Your Chameleon - Veiled, female, ive had her almost a year.
Handling - as often as possible, sometimes once a week.
Feeding - Mostly crickets, occasional worms. She eats about 7 daily or every other day. Gut loaded crickets, dusted worms.
Supplements - petsmart chameleon calcium
Watering - I have a home made dripper in the cage, she drinks from often, I mist 3 times daily for about 2-3 mins.
Fecal Description - brown and white coloration. Solid.
History - the owner that had her before me did NOT do a good job caring for her at all, almost all of her claws are warn down, so she doesn't have a very tight grip at all.

Cage Info:
Cage Type - Glass screen combo, but very soon she will be in a home made(background mostly)screen cage.
Lighting - UVB exo terra 5.0 bulb with a basking light off to the side of her cage.
Temperature - its around 70-75 degrees in her cage with the humidity.
Humidity - seems to stay around 50% sometimes gets up to 60 or close to it.
Plants - fake.
Placement - She sits in my room, the top of her cage sits a little less than a foot above eye level(I stand at 5ft 6inch)
Location - the grand canyon state!


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She could do it at any time and you are probably lucky she has not already. They can lay eggs from about 5 months on. You should have a laying bin in your cage at all times. They can decrease their appetite or completely stop eating, get restless and pace up and down the cage looking for a place to lay, and the obvious symptom is they will look fat.


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It sounds as if your supplementation schedule needs to be improved also.

The schedule most people use is:
Plain calcium every feed
Calcium with D3 twice a month
A multivitamin with no d3 twice a month.


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well thanks for your guys' help but sadly she passed away a few days ago, no clue from what she was looking really good the days leading up to and then all of a sudden I found her on the floor :(:(
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