redone terrarium What does everyone think?


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Here is my updated pics. What does every one think now? if any one has any further changes i should make please let me know.
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I would just take a couple of leaves that you have on that plant or another one like it and break them off. Then let them dry out and die on the floor.
I think the enclosure looks great. I can not really comment on changes or things to use as I have no experience with those types of chameleons. Again it is very attractive.:)
The kind I used to use had no long fibers and would not casue impactions if ingested. It is still available, I would not advise using anything with long fibers like that, it is not worth it if it gets stuck in your animal’s digestive tract.
i took a closer look at the substrate and it looks like the long fibers are moss that is mixed in with the other.
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