Outdoor enclosure ideas

Mad Dog Murphy

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Hi all, hope everyone is well and there little chameleon buddies are fine, the sun has finally come out to play here in Brittany,France so hopefully the wood burners can have a break and spring will be warm and summer long, anyway got me thinking about making a outdoor enclosure for little Pedro, he’s a male veiled and guessing probably 6 months old now, be nice for him to have a few hours out in natural sunlight I’m thinking so ideas and pictures of your own would be great and also what temperatures would ideally need to be? Was thInking as a temporary measure I could adapt a old parrot cage or similar, your thoughts on this please, outdoor space for the one I make is not a issue but ideas on size and positioning would be good, ie south facing, full sun, part shade , predominant wind etc.
many thanks
This might give you some inspiration. https://www.chameleonforums.com/threads/outdoor-keeping-season-is-here.187092/ Of course, you’ll need to be mindful to use only plants which are safe if eaten. Making sure Pedro has a shaded area to retreat to if needed is important. Also protecting against any predators. I can’t offer any other advice I’m afraid. I would guess that Chameleon Academy has some info - maybe a podcast or YouTube video.
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