Really odd behavior need help asap


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I have a 1+ year old veiled cham. He is about 8 inches s to v and has never had problems in the past. He is usually a very calm cham but over the last few days he has been walking on the sides and bottom of the cage. NOTHING in the cage has changed. and one odd thing i noticed is he stands on his back legs and looks at the lights on top. the lights havnt moved in 2 months and has never done this before. i have heard people say they might be abloe to see themselves, but he hasnt done this for 2 months why now?
Here is a picture of him a little mad at me... does he look healthy?

Maybe he just now noticed his reflection :)

Does your UVB bulb have a metal reflector behind it? Is your basking light in a silver metal dome?
he looks good to me.

Sometimes when mine is hungry he'll roam the bottom of his cage, looking for food I assume.

Maybe you haven't been feeding him enough (his tail looks fat though) or, maybe, he wants more variety?

just an idea.
do u think a metal reflector is nt gd?

Unless your light reflectors produce a really good reflected chameleon image, I wouldn't worry about them.

Food is a possibility which would mean that the issue would go away if fed more.

It might even be a "hormonal" change going on at his age. He may be looking for a female etc.

Keep an eye on things and look for changes in his attitude. If you can give him access to a nice outside hours of sunshine, it might have a positive effect.
Cham looking around

I've noticed mine looking up and almost studying the top of his enclosure. It look like to me he is trying to figure a way out. Something he has started doing also is trying to paw at the glass at the bottom of the aquaurium I see no harm in him doing it so I let him. I thought he may be able to see his reflection and I've heard if they do they can get stressed out by it but he doesn't seem stressed at all. I put a peice of paper there so he couldn't see his reflection and the funny thing was he went to the area where the paper wasn't. I'm very new at owning a Cham but she looks like she might be ready to mate. She is a sub-adult and is showing some orangish colors which I have heard can be a sign of wanting to get it on so maybe she is looking for another mate in her reflection I don't know. All the way around though she seems to be quite content.
Wally she probably wants out. They do not understand glass as a barrier. Mesh or screen they can see.

Diezel overall he looks pretty good. For that age he does appear to be under developed in the muscle department. I think Dave is right it is probably just hormonal changes. This can start to make them territorial and some what inquisative to their surroundings. Them standing on their rear legs is not that uncommon. Sometimes the do this when streching out to catch prey. I have seen mine do this on a couple occassions to get drips of water from the mister.
Mine does this alot. I've had my veiled for not a month and he spends a lot of time wandering the cage, up and down the vines, and then back and forth on the top of the cage. As a new owner I always have a ton of concerns but so far this behaviour seems normal.

And he does it after he's pigged out on crickets, so I have a hard time believing it's related to food.
My male veiled sleeps standing up every single night he holds on the top and legs on branch he a bit of a goof ball
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