pro mist 60 setup


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Hi everyone,

Just bought a pro-mist 60 misting system and wondering how hard it is to setup? Any suggestions? Does anyone have pictures of how they setup their pro-mist? Thanks.

It's a very easy system to set-up. It's pretty much plug and play. The only thing that may help is that one nozzle goes a long way. My cage is 3'H x 3'L x 2'W. I originally had 2 nozzels on the cage. This was way over kill and not at all necessary.

Otherwise, just make sure to cut the tube so the ends are flat and even and make sure you push the tube all the way into the fittings. If you do that, you'll be fine. Setting it up is basically cutting the tube to the desired length, inserting the tube into the fittings/pump, mounting the nozzel to the cage and then plumbing your water resivior (I use a five gallon bucket with a hole in the top).
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