photos of Cy's eye goo - or dislodged globe?


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I have uploaded some close-up pics of Cyrus' eye. This is what I thought was goo/pus on Friday. Went to vet, he put him under, looked around, could not find anything, placed teramycin ointment in eye not so much for its antibiotic properties but hoping if there is something small it would adhere to ointment and he'd be able to work it out. Said call with update on Monday (yesterday). I did and told him nothing had changed. he had kept his eye shut all weekend (keep in mind it was gooped up with ointment).

Last night I gave him a long shower last night hoping for more bulging/cleaning. I also let him just hang out in the warm humidity for a while, too. Today he opens and closes occasionally. What is weird is that the goo does not drip or ooze, and does not show when eye is closed - it goes back inside. If you look close at some of the photos you can see a bulge in the lower part of closed eye. Vet found nothing to explain this. It seems that the glob moves down into that space when the eye is shut, which would also seem to say it is firm. The vet did say that the goo did seem to come from below the eye.

If you want the whole history I will post it but it is very long. Would rather get opinions on this THING. Is it possible that he dislodged the globe of the eye from excessive rubbing?

One option is a MRI to see if their is something behind the eye - $1200 and would have to go down to Massachusetts for it. Financially out of the question.

here is link to pics Cyrus' eye

Lele, that is a freaky thing...almost looks like a corneal blister or something. I wonder if chams get those? I do... No wonder he keeps his eye shut, it's got to interfere with his vision something awful! I wonder if a veterinary opthomologist would have any frame of reference for something like this. Is there a veterinary teaching hospital anywhere near you? You would think SOMEBODY would know SOMETHING....:confused:
Could it possibly be a parasite? Some kind of fluke or leech? I would definately get another vet's opinion.
Good luck with him. He's a beauty!
Howdy Lele,

So those are photos of the goo before the eye ointment was put in. You say that when he closes his eye, the goo pulls back inside. When the goo is present, can you wipe it away with a Q-tip? If so, does more of the goo pull out with what is wiped away or does more goo just appear after the other is wiped away? After the ointment was applied, some of it now comes out too? It just seems like the connection between the eye socket and the nasal passages would be where an infection could grow and produce the goo. I remember that you said the vet didn't think it was an infection but alsowasn't able to collect enough material to test for an infection...:(
Thanks to all of you!

jleahl - I have no idea if they can get corneal blisters and if so does it stick out like that (you mentioned you get them - from what cause? - not cleaning your contact lenses????? :eek: ) ;)

Sean - ewww! The thought was gross, but it was an interesting one so I tried to look up some info and really couldn't find anything. My thoughts, on my limited knowledge about parasites, is that even a fluke that may manifest externally would show up in fecal. He has had 3 or 4 in the last year (one just recently on 2/13) and all have been 100% clean. He was CBB from CB parents ans although I know that does not mean no possibility of parasites it reduces it considerably. Also, wouldn't the vet have seen something when he put him under and searched around? But it really just looks like a drop of amber.

Thanks for the compliment. He is a very pretty guy - you should see his grandaddies! Legolas from the Kammers ( and Sub_Zero from Screameleons. Don't think I can post their photos legally.

Dave - That is the one thing that is driving me nuts. The vet couldn't even get any off. For me, he closes his eye as soon as I get close enough to get some, but it looks as though it is a single drop. I would think if it was continuous it would push out what is there and would also show/ooze when eye is closed?

Here is today's observations:

*he is keeping his eye open more
*it actually looks as thought the thing is "drying up" (getting firm and shrinking and a bit darker in color which would make sense. It was always translucent, never opaque)
*he is much more active and is out climbing on his jungle gym

I am waiting for a follow up call from my vet and will be requesting a blood test for white cell count. Would Baytril be the best, broad spectrum antibiotic to use? This has been recommended by a couple people.

The weird thing is that he has no URI, no oral abscess or anything else often associated with eye problems. We went the Vit A route with no change and this has been going on since October with not a single outward sign until last Friday. Maybe what ever it is DID adhere to the ointment and his eye has simply developed this "vehicle" for moving it out. This last statement is pure speculation.

Here are some pics I JUST took of him on his gym - it is the most he has traveled on his own for weeks. Before, he would go to all corners and back again before settling into his favorite place (where he would sleep at night if I'd let him - maybe in the summer, but he was caged every night - too darn dry!) The last pic is him in that spot peering at me with his good eye ;)



i really like what you've dont to your ceiling!! when mine gets bigger i think i'll do the same thing, however i cant ler her about now because the beardies might get her, and im sure they'd eat her!!
Lele, yeah, corneal blisters do stick out like that, although mine are not as "round" as that....more of a shallow protrusion...No, I gave up on contacts a long time ago! I think you get ulcers from contacts...but I get the blisters when I get something like pollen (that I'm already allergic to) on my hands, and then rub my eyes.

He does look busy up there, on his gym...:)
i really like what you've dont to your ceiling!! when mine gets bigger i think i'll do the same thing, however i cant ler her about now because the beardies might get her, and im sure they'd eat her!!

Yeah, the gym is fun. Both my chams have used it extensively. There are some tricks and tips - and precautions, so if you want some ideas when the time comes let me know.

Hope your cham can't see your beardies, they are quite solitary and this can be a real stressor.

I have more jungle gym links on my webshots page gym

look at morning stretch, Luna and jungle gym

hello lele. lately, there have been A LOT of posts on several sites about chameleons and eye problems. with this being winter, and people cranking the heat, it sucks up the moisture like you wouldnt believe and people dont really think it as being an issue. about 4 weeks ago, my chameleon had an obstruction in his eye, and was rubbing his face on some of the vegetation in his cage. also, he didnt want to eat anything. then, the front of his eyes swelled up(probably with fluid). i then got a humidifyer, put him in the shower to help his eyes, and now he is fine. i really try to keep a close eye on him to see if anything might get in his eye cuz if he does then i'll put him in the shower. with yours, he might have gotten something stuck in his eye and his body recognizes that as being a foreign matter and forms a gooey material around it to flush it out. (thats what happens to us when we get something in our eyes) dont take my word for it, but i have suggested showers to many other cham. owners, and it seems to do wonders for them. i hope everything works out ok!!! :) :) :) also the q-tip thing might work
Hi Thanks, but I have been thru all of that. I live in a cold, dry region and go thru the humidity/hydration issues every year.That is why back in Oct and even Nov. I thought it was just dry eye but he began keeping it closed longer. Anyway, the history is long and the bottom line is that there were no outward symptoms whatsoever until last Friday when the glob showed up - not pus.

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