Oustaletts Chameleons care?


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can't find any full care sheets does anyone happen to know anything about them other than they are the longest chameleons on reccord? any link would be hand. i doubt i can handle one yer but this has been driving me crazy wanting to know more about them.:confused:;):p:D



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Contact allencg101 I'm pretty sure he has worked with a few of them.

I laugh to myself everytime/ i/ read/ your/ replies/ ;)

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They are similar to a giant Panther chameleon. They eat a bit more, prefer the temperature a bit hotter, and they require bigger enclosures as well.


I have two Oustalet's. My guys don't like a lot of foliage. My guys like there cages pretty bare. Temp wise... I keep my ambient temps in the mid 80s and basking temps in the high 90s - They LOVE heat!! Not big drinkers either. I keep humidity in the 30s/40s and mine do really well. I've had my guys for about 1.5 years this way with no problems. They eat like CRAZY!! My guys will eat, eat and keep eating!! Let me know if you have any questions, I would be more than happy to answer them:D
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