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Kay guys I'm sorry to ask but can I get some quick advice about URI, I'm doing searches but just quick what to do first or not do, he had no like zero symptoms of this yesterday, now it's like bad, one eye was closed, open now, then I noticed very inflatey/deflated breathing, thought I heard a couple little pops, he's getting weaker by te second, just heard a big like wheeze. I would search but for right now quick what can I do to quick help him for right thus second - he was like getting too weak to stay on branch so he's in my hand I'm holding him near basking and typing with one hand please help quick. Mouth opening, more wheezing, he's going down fast....
you might need antibiotics. I'm not a pro at this, but make sure the cham is well hydrated and slightly raise the temps with a different basking bulb.

go to a vet in the morning.

Well, do you think you'll find a vet tomorrow? Try using a warm bag of water, so was this so suddendly? I have read here on the forums about URI, but it takes a couple of days before you know something is wrong with your pet.
Are you absolutely sure he's dead? They do a pretty good job of pretending to be dead. I'd put him in a warm spot for the rest of the night and check him in the morning.
Sigh. Thanks guys. I'm pretty sure. I was hoping not, there was twice a minute apart where I went oh god there he goes, no buddy, no.. And kind of stroked under his belly, then he did another quick gasp... He did that twice. No more gasps. :( He's gone. I took him downstairs to cry without waking up my family.
Sigh. Thanks guys. I'm pretty sure. I was hoping not, there was twice a minute apart where I went oh god there he goes, no buddy, no.. And kind of stroked under his belly, then he did another quick gasp... He did that twice. No more gasps. :( He's gone. I took him downstairs to cry without waking up my family.

ummmmm......still not sure. I would really, seriously, keep him warm and see if there are signs of life tomorrow (and, call a vet ASAP).
That was quick

Okay, wasn't it????! Can we talk about this for a second you guys? I'm like in shock, alright I didnt have totally unrealistic expectations, I was expecting if he went it would be for parasite reasons, then he's been sick but not like this, literally we were at the vet YESTERDAY Morning. No talk at all about respiratory issues, cause there was zero symptoms. The vet was thinking he had a vitamin A deficiency because of hemipenal swelling, mucous issues with sperm plugs and I just finished saying, I wasn't sure cause you'd think he'd have some eye issues, respiratory issues, nothing.
Last night, he was fine. Climbed around, drank, ate a couple of crickets.
Then I go upstairs tonight , turn onhis lights and boom - won't open one eye. I misted him well, still wouldn't open it. I got worried, decided to pick him up to take a better look. Seemed a little weak coming off the vine. I dripped warm water off my fingers for him to drink, and put some onto his closed eye too, after a few minutes of this it worked, he opened the eye. I thought maybe the deep inhalation was a puff up to look tough cause he's scared kind of thing. Then I said wait was that a pop? They say popping sounds for uri... I put him back in cage, he didnt grip vine well. After a little bit he kind of tilted to the side onthe vine. He didn't right himself or regrip. After about five minutes I
said come on. I turned him around properly, but he wasn't grabbing on. I
finally just picked him up and held him in my hand near basking light to warm
up. Then the wheezing, opening mouth started, deep breaths, gasping. I was frantically typing with one hand, holding him with other. I tried putting him in mist from humidifier, that seemed to help for a second, then back to basking, that seemed to help for a second, by the time I had a reply, he was on to those last couple breaths.
Anyways, I was probably wrong about the vitA diagnosis?
What could have caused him to go so far downhill so fast though, it seems crazy fast.
The difference? I added a stronger basking light last night. He was too cold the day before and I was pretty sure that was probably why he vomited up undigested worm. So I went from 60 to 100 bulb, but in a new deep dome fixture, so set back from the cage a little bit more, he did bask right up in it though, like he needed it.
Or else, maybe the trip to the vet yesterday? Out in the cold? I was pretty careful to keep the outside time super quick, I preheated the car, I carried him in an explorarium, but I added a little heat pack onthe bottom and sitting on top, and I freshened them with new ones after the appt was done too, so it would be warm for the walk across the street again. So be never got super cold, like 2 mins of fresh air though, twice.
Plus of course the stress didn't help I'm sure. He seemed to be settling in so good though, otherwise, really happy with the plants in the cage, seemed pretty chill like he was digging his new home, checking out the different spots, drinking well, just not basking much so I assumed temps were in a good range that he didn't need to.
I understand if he did have the vitamin A issue, it would make him susceptible to respiratory infections but it must have been something specific that I did wrong like since yesterday to turn it into an actual active respiratory infection...
I really was not expecting this. At all. I really thought there'd be absolutely no chance he wouldn't make it till I went back to vet on Monday for decals and prescription. Neither did vet. I thought if any issues, it would have been more vent bleeding, not anything respiratory.
It's just crazy, I still can't believe that just happened....
I mean okay, I'm actually, as horrible as it was, I'm actually so glad it happened like that, with me there watching, holding, actively trying to help
him than if I had been sleeping and woke up to him dead with no idea why or how. So I guess that's a plus. Go insomnia, for once you came in handy I guess.
It's crazy how much how fast i fell in love with the little guy though. It was a wonderful 15 days. Well, 16 cause it was after midnight right. Sweet 16.
Thanks for listening.
Poor little guy. I feel soooo bad.
Yes-it can happen that fast, and just for future reference the mouth opening, gasping and puffing up, and breathing heavy and even twisting their bodies is "active dieing" so to speak. Many people think they are choking or have aspirated, but in many cases they are just dieing. Please don't kick yourself too hard or get discouraged from keeping these animals. You took on a WC and they can simply just not acclimate. I would have to guess it was a combination of everything you mentioned-new home, handling, vet visit, temp changes, etc. Usually when acclimating WC's one would have a well prepared cage that they would go in and be left alone only to be fed and watered. A fecal would be scoped, and after several weeks of acclimation treatment would be given if needed. Even this does not gurantee sucess. What you should do is get your housing throughly cleaned up and regulated, and then get a nice CB Veiled or Panther from a reputable breeder.
Sorry for your loss, it always stinks to lose them.
So youre saying maybe it wasnt respiratory then at the end, just "the end" type of breathing? Like due to stress or his other issues, etc. that would make a little more sense. I just saw those red flags, mouth opening, pop, wheeze and assumed respiratory.
And I thought I had had the cage setup and regulated, and was trying to leave him alone, he just wasn't utilizing the top basking area of the cage, because he was staying in the plants which didnt quite reach the top, that's why I decided to change it around for him. By then though he already had issues because the blood was dried, so was there from before the cage change. :(
Anyway, yes, I agree. And I actually was prepared for it to not work out, because i knew that, I just pictured it playing out a little differently.
We live and learn. I can certainly tell you that keeping chameleons usually is not as easy as having a couple of animals that live forever.
I do think this was beyond your control. Don't give up!
Oh! I feel so sorry for you. I am just devastated when I lose a cham, and I have kept them for years. All you can do is cry, dust yourself off and try again. I will be much easier if you start with a healthy c/b cham. And like Juli, I would go with a panther or a veiled. If you truly want a smaller cham, get a Jackson. We will help you keep this one healthy and happy.
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