My Last Post...


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This will be my last post for quite a while...Thought I would post my crew before they go to their forever homes! If anyone is interested in my Veiled Pair shoot me a PM - Sambava's have been called for.

Thank You all for your love and support of my chams & most of all the wealth of knowledge I've learned on here though out these last few years.

Hope You Enjoy!!

First Up Is My Mean Boy ~*Blaze*~
"No Matter how much of a jerk he is..I will always love him and especially his fantastic Red/Orange Colors!" He's by far my most radiant cham yet! I will certainly miss him..

Next we have his Future GF who is also a bit on the moody side!!

Camo who I rescued off of CL - As you can see his Major Burn Scars on his Casque and his Spinal Spikes...Poor guy! But he's all healed up "has been for a while now" and can be a jerk at times..But he's also my Turquoise Beauty "At least I think so.."

And last but not least his G.F - Who is also...MOODY

And of Course Aquarious My Blue Ocean...Who is now at his new home & I Miss Dearly...Here's a couple pics of him before he left me..I'm sad to say that I actually cried when I left...This is the last thing I want to do "Is to re-home all my beloved Chams...But deep down I know it's the right thing that needs to be done."

Anyways I hope everyone enjoys these last pics of my guys, I hope those who adopt them will continue to post/update me on how there doing...& Thank You to those who have inquired about them.

Fair Well For Now!


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well miss you:D:D:D
good luck with the little boy:D:D:D
and one last farwell:(:(:(

YOU BETTER POST one big im BACK thread when you come back cause well all be waiting for you!!!


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Congratulations on being a Mom to a human Baby:D
Enjoy, just wait til you see how fast this baby grows Don't forget-no misting and don't worry if there is no shed!

See you soon :)


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you will be missed, thanks for all you have done, and im sure your chams will miss you too.
stop in and say hi now and then


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babies are great! my wife just had our first and it's a big change but she swears it's the best thing that ever happened to her. we had to scale back too but now we're happy as ever. congrats
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