Tongue Complications


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Ok so it’s been a while since I last asked this question about his tongue, and I’ve been strictly cup feeding him, but he still has not shown much improvement. Today I tried to so some trust building work with a small superworm, and he came up and tried to shoot his tongue at it, from like 3-4 inches away, and he missed. After that he just kept trying to walk up and bite it off my hand. Is it possibly that my UVB needs changed? Like maybe if I got a dud? Main thing is that he either keeps missing with his tongue, or won’t use it at all.
Hello! It wont hurt to switch out your UVB light. What supplements are you using for him?

I think keep trying, From what I know chameleons take a long time to recover.
My rescued cham has a tongue shooting problem. It’s been a few months now under proper husbandry and it’s not getting better. His tongue still goes slightly upward every time which leads me to believe it stems from an injury. Is your guy’s tongue always missing the mark in the same manner?
To be honest, I’m not totally sure if it’s the exact same way every time, he just continually misses the mark, and it’s been going on for some time now
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