from what i've gathered here, my veiled cham eggs should be kept at roughly 68-74 degrees and at 95%+ humidity, but when i ran a search about mold problems, most of the advice is to dry them out. can anyone clarify this for me?
I never measure I can't tell you that. I incubate veiled eggs at about 76-78F. The vermiculite is moist enough that if you take a fist full of it you can only squeeze a drop of water out of it. Beads of moisture form on the lid and sides of the container I use.

IMHO, if the eggs mold if they are not good most of the time. If the mold were to be from the vermiculite being too moist, then drying it out would help...but I would worry about the eggs drying out during the process. I would be more tempted to move the eggs carefully to another container of less moist substrate. Just my opinion.

I have also had them mold if the eggs where taken from a dead female....but that mold has been red, not the usual grey or white.
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