1. Panther Chameleon Podcast - a New Outreach

    Panther Chameleon Podcast - a New Outreach

    Hello Chameleon Wranglers! I would like to announce the launch of the Panther Chameleon Podcast! Whereas the Chameleon Academy is more exploratory (and will continue on), the Panther Chameleon Podcast is a tutorial outreach for keepers joining the community via getting a panther chameleon. It...
  2. Brookesia Introduction

    Brookesia Introduction

    This week I had Michael Nash (@javadi ) on the podcast and we talked about his experience with the number of Brookesia species he is working with. As he is breeding them he is the rare individual that can discuss their entire lifecycle. This week was a podcast episode, but Michael then came on...
  3. Top 5 Ways for a Better Chameleon Life!

    Top 5 Ways for a Better Chameleon Life!

    Five tips on how to make your chameleon live longer and be happier!
  4. Yak

    The perils of husbandry

    :):)Hello everyone, Yesterday was Sunday, and most pet stores around my house close at six, while we had a bbq at the park, before you knew it was almost six. I was “freaking out” because my baby panther was out of crickets and was getting close to her bed time. From the park I asked my wife to...
  5. ferretinmyshoes

    Chameleon Care Resources - Caresheets, Caging, Lighting, Nutrition, and more!

    Are you new to chameleons? Or would you just like to make sure you're doing everything you can to help your chameleon thrive? Are you confused by all the contradicting information on these fascinating animals? There are still many common misconceptions about chameleon care, and many websites...
  6. chamerina

    Leon's Set-up. Comments? Suggestions?

    Hi everyone! Here's Leon's current setup and a week old picture pf him. Wanted to get your opinions and critiques to see what we could improve upon. Thanks all!
  7. stapleton33

    Moldy Eggs?

    from what i've gathered here, my veiled cham eggs should be kept at roughly 68-74 degrees and at 95%+ humidity, but when i ran a search about mold problems, most of the advice is to dry them out. can anyone clarify this for me?
  8. stapleton33


    While we've been keeping our chams almost entirely on a budget (i.e. in bird cages with poked-hole drippers, $5 Wal-Mart money trees, and lighting systems completely supplied by Lowe's) our veileds, Kraken and Keallach, which we've raised almost entirely on the collective wisdom of this forum...
  9. Phase One Of The Cham Rooms

    Phase One Of The Cham Rooms

    This is phase one. Phase two comes this winter!
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