The perils of husbandry


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:):)Hello everyone,
Yesterday was Sunday, and most pet stores around my house close at six, while we had a bbq at the park, before you knew it was almost six. I was “freaking out” because my baby panther was out of crickets and was getting close to her bed time. From the park I asked my wife to go home as I headed to the pet store.
I called around a few places and found one that closes at 7. I got on my car and rushed to it, to buy some pinheads. Note I have tons of crix but they all are 3/8” or bigger.
Then I remember I had to get water crystals, so by the time I got back, my little one was sleeping like an angel, on her favorite plant.
My wife explained to me, that the piece of banana I left before we left, had harvested some fruit flies and that she had been busy catching them.
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