Chameleon Care Resources - Caresheets, Caging, Lighting, Nutrition, and more!

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Are you new to chameleons? Or would you just like to make sure you're doing everything you can to help your chameleon thrive? Are you confused by all the contradicting information on these fascinating animals?

There are still many common misconceptions about chameleon care, and many websites with contradictions or outright misinformation. The resources at Chameleon Forums have been carefully compiled by chameleon keepers all over the world and reflect many years of experience with a wide variety of species. The collaborative nature of this community has allowed chameleon keepers to recognize solutions to common problems, develop better nutrition, and improve the overall care for captive chameleons.

Visit our Chameleon Care Resources to learn more about keeping chameleons as pets:
Chameleon Care Resources
Cage Setup
Water & Humidity
Food & Nutrition
Frequently Asked Questions
Health (coming soon)
Purchasing (coming soon)

Please browse through the sections of the Chameleon Care Resources and feel free to post to the forums if you have any questions! Welcome to the forums! :)
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