1. ChameLIonLover

    Looking for a good, local vet

    i went on a road trip the past 2 weeks and left my mom in charge. I left a very detailed schedule for her to follow regarding food and watering. When I returned home peeve, I found a snotty, mild-like substance all on the side of the cage the humidifier was on. Turns out she only filled the...
  2. L

    please advise me,,,issue with eggs what is going to happen now

    :eek: hello i need some advise,i recently got a female panther, whom is 2 years old the guy who i bought her from kept her at his cousins house so he may not even have known everything about hwer but he told me she is 2 years old and she has never mated , never even seen a male, and also said...
  3. JTelcontar

    Silkworm Cup + Mold

    I saw a old topic related to this (from 2007, yikes) but I didn't want to bring that topic "back from the dead". I purchased a "baby" silkworm cup from Mulberry Farms a couple of weeks ago. Everything was going quite well, Cicero was LOVING the small silkworms, and I thought they were just...
  4. stapleton33

    Moldy Eggs?

    from what i've gathered here, my veiled cham eggs should be kept at roughly 68-74 degrees and at 95%+ humidity, but when i ran a search about mold problems, most of the advice is to dry them out. can anyone clarify this for me?
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