please advise me,,,issue with eggs what is going to happen now


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:eek: hello i need some advise,i recently got a female panther, whom is 2 years old the guy who i bought her from kept her at his cousins house so he may not even have known everything about hwer but he told me she is 2 years old and she has never mated , never even seen a male, and also said she had never even laid eggs, (i thought that was odd bcuz females start laying infertale cluches around 8 months ???) anyhow he also said she was ready to be introduced to a male that day , so i bought her took her home 2 days later she was ibntroduced to my male and they had intercouse 4 differant times starting july 13th over a 3 day period before she began to get "out of the mood", anyhow august 5th she started to refuse food, began digging august 8 thru august 11th when she finally laid 27 eggs/ with-in minutes after being laid i filled and 2 tupperwares and filled them an inch deep of moisten playsand/jiffy organic mulch mixed together, , I poked holes in the tupperwares, placed in dark closet and they sat for 2.5 days-3 days or so untill. i was able to purchase a bag of perlite, and i also bought a bag of vermiculite, i carefully placed the eggs in new tupperwares and decided to try different ways of incubation and keep log of the outcome, so i got 8 placed in the perlite, 8 in the vermiculite, a few placed in perlite vermiculite mixed,a few in the mulch stuff, etc. then placed all of the bins in dark closet where temps range between 74-76 degrees. anyhow i waited a few days before looking to see in there were any issues arising, such as humidty and mold and all looked to be same as i left them, so i closed the lids and placed them back into the closet, 2 more days passed by , i decided to check them again for mold, and just about every one in every bin appeared to have a tiny bit of mold starting, i thought to myself, this may be due to no holes in the new bins for ventilation? but i did have holes in the first tupperwares that i placed them into, so i gently wiped off some the mold with a qtip and poked holes in the bins for ventilation, and placed them back in to the closet. today i look again and more mold on mostly all of them. all still have good shape and color.however i knew 2 of the eggs appeared were elongated almost as if they were 2 eggs stuck together,so i figured would mold,and sure they did, and have way more mold then the others, probably i should of kept them in together in their own bins away from the others??? anyway, what should i do? i just want to know your thoughts, are these going to be good,? what should i do? what should i expect? please let me know,, surely after 4 sessions of intercourse some of these eggs should be fertile??? also would like to know,,what is the average length of time till my female will begin to lay more eggs? working on retained sperm?, please give me any advise,to me this this is urgent please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!,, all input is greatly appreciated..thank you:)


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Moving the eggs around is not good. They also might not have been fertile to began with. One the egg has mold on it I remove it so it doesn't spread to the other eggs. You girl might lay a retained clutch in another month or two.
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