1. ReptiGeek

    Use a Glass-Terrarium? Here's a tip!

    Okay guys just wanted to quickly share a helpful tip I stumbled across in the Poison Dart Frog trade that I then incorporated into my chameleon keeping and has proven effective with zero negatives. This goes out to everyone using glass terrariums to keep their chameleons in. Yes, keeping your...
  2. L

    please advise me,,,issue with eggs what is going to happen now

    :eek: hello i need some advise,i recently got a female panther, whom is 2 years old the guy who i bought her from kept her at his cousins house so he may not even have known everything about hwer but he told me she is 2 years old and she has never mated , never even seen a male, and also said...
  3. E

    Rhampholeon brevicaudatus

    Hello! I recently got 5 chameleons of this species (Rhampholeon caudatus) more or less accidentally, and have some questions: 1. Ventilation: I understood that ventilation is important to avoid growth of fungus etc. I am keeping them in a glass terrarium and was thinking to have a net...
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