Rhampholeon brevicaudatus


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I recently got 5 chameleons of this species (Rhampholeon caudatus) more or less accidentally, and have some questions:

1. Ventilation: I understood that ventilation is important to avoid growth of fungus etc. I am keeping them in a glass terrarium and was thinking to have a net cover of some kind that would keep air circulating. Fine, but if I feed them with fruit flies, these will escape....Not so good! Any advice?

2. Apparently, and ideally, they should have 24 degrees celsius during daytime and about 18 degrees night time. Fine, but how to achieve the latter? One could always heat up animals with bulbs, but how to COOL them?

3. If we want to have eggs from females, what substrate would you recommend?

Many thanks in advance for answers to these (trivial?) questions!

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