Mistking vs exoterra monsoon


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Hi i was just wondering what everyones opinions were on the 2?Is one better then than the other,what are the differences?They both cost the same price for the basic monsoon kit and the mistking starter kit.I need to purchase one very soon like tomorrow so please any help in deciding is appreciated greatly!Thank you!
Get the mistaking. Much better, hands down. Monsoons and habba spitters are a waste of money.

I have two mistkings, that have worked great for well over a year now. And many others have been using them much longer than I.

And there is always the Aquazamp misting systems, which are just as good as mistkings.
cool thanks for the input,i had a reef tank for years and i learned my lesson buying cheap and or insufficient equipment to start off then having to re buy everything due to it being junk.

I seen mistking had a bigger kit for a little more then 200 bucks should i just go with that?I dont want to have to fool with adding all the john guest fittings and extra sprayers later down the road.I wanna make my new cham as happy as possible from the get go lol.My cage is 18x18x36 if that helps in deciding the mister to get.thank ya!
Lets say my budget is 225 bucks for misting and my cage is 18x18x36,point me in the right direction for the kit i need.
Lets say my budget is 225 bucks for misting and my cage is 18x18x36,point me in the right direction for the kit i need.

here is my cage and supplies i got i havent put the plants in it yet.

How many misters does it come with and how many should i have is what im trying to get at.Can someone link me to the kit i need and tell me how many misters etc id need to add to it so when i order i can get everything in one cart.
Yeah I would personally recommend the aquazamp "rain dome" too, the mist king is also great, either of those over anything else. But if I could pick between the 2, I would go with the aquazamp.

as far as "link to get everything in the cart" well aquazamp is pretty straight forward, its 1 page, 1 link,
just get that, with the 0.9gph nozzles, black tube, black fittings, and digital timer +$20. It already comes with the pump, raindome (with 2 misters), bucket, etc.

Its essentially a one and done, everything you need kit for $170 +shipping
I got the middle level mistking and I love it, I definitely would have been getting stuff that was in the kit later if I had gotten the starter one. That said I'm sure its just as awesome. I have no experience with aquazamp so I can't say either way on that, but I love my mistking
You'll only need one nozzle. I'd suggest going az (I have mk and have no complaints) simply because it's American made and has the rain dome. Cams drink better with a simulated rain rather than a mist in my experience.
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