Hello I am still new to this and as crazy as it seems, I’m all in on this as a hobby, as I’ve always wanted reptiles and looked into it but my lifestyle never really permitted for it. That’s recently changed and I’m looking forward to finally adding a few pals to my forever home.

At this time, I currently have a ReptiBreeze XL and I’ve got some window film to cover the sides and back if that is necessary. I’m waiting to put it together until the dragon ledges get here because I’ve read that it’s easier to assemble from the beginning. Both currently in transit, I’ve purchased dragon ledges and a mist king starter w/ 3 corner attachments and a double misting upgrade, cause why not lol (we plan for more reptiles in the future). I wanted to buy it directly from mistking for a few reasons, but mainly their warranty.

My reptile enthusiast friend gave me an extra 48” zoomed fixture but that’s obviously too long. Wondering if I should just get a bulb and use it anyway (again, we plan for more in the future) or if I should get a 24” or 36” and go diagonal with it, which is best? I see everyone suggests this brand or Arcadia but I’d rather not actually spend $150 on a fixture and bulb. Does anyone know where to find Arcadia kits cheaper? Thank you in advance!

I’ve seen several people say the Govee Bluetooth hygrometer are legit so I’ve added a 2pk to my Amazon cart but I’m also looking at probe hygrometer combos just to ensure proper readings throughout the enclosure, what are some good ones made specifically for reptiles? So many online to choose but mixed reviews and I like your guys’ opinions.

I’ve been looking local pet stores (always try to support small businesses) instead of big chain stores and gathered a few items to put in there as well as some large branches that I’ve washed and sanitized. We’ve been growing a golden pathos for awhile so that will be perfect. Also have a hibiscus plant and a magenta braid, so I am also looking for a reliable source of LED for on top of the cage as well. Over the years I’ve been using and returning bogus lights, so I’m curious what works best in the chameleon community.

We’re all for supporting companies that make products for enthusiasts, by enthusiasts. I follow quite a few Chameleon pages on YouTube and IG, so I’ve been doing tons of research and I know that there will always be improvement and learning and I’m looking forward to gaining so much more knowledge on these awesome creatures! If there are any specific products or brands that you suggest to check out or keep and eye on, please feel free to reach out.

Thanks for any recommendations!

Side note: my partner and I love reptiles, chameleons are my favorite, bearded dragons are hers. So any info for them is also much appreciated.

I assume the 48" is a double bulb 46" T5HO based on the price. In which case i would get a 5.0/6% and then a daylight bulb. And as you say just suspend it over the cage, and later put it over two cages. It would be the same if not better than the recommended 22" per reptibreeze XL.

for hygrometer, i recommend one that can be calibrated. The calibration kit is cheap(or you can make a kit yourself). I am part of the govee master race and mine do track with the calibrated $$$ ones i have at work. However ive also had plenty of them that were way off. I dont think you need more than one. If you have two-three in the cage and they all read different, you dont have enough air flow :p

For grow LEDs, most recommend sansi
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You will need a 24 hour timer system so all your lights, basking ( get with dimmer switch. Easier to get temp right), uvb, and plant light. The mister/ fogger needs to be on another timer. I am sure there are sophisticated ones out there, but i use one of those old ones with the light cords coming into an extension cord and the extension cord in the timer. However, which ever you use,have all cords go the corner where the two sides you are going to cover meet. Also get some screen repair tape but with the dragon ledges you will have less small tears to deal with and believe me, the feeders will find any tear and escape. Make sure everything is setup and in working order before even considering getting a cham. chams are climbers so u will needs to create a jungle gym. No fake plants or leafy vines but fake vines without leaves i use. Flukers makes different thicknesses which you will need. Also when getting sticks from outside rubbertrees have nice curves but you must soak in the tub in wzter with bkeach to anything then rinse and let dry. Make sure you sand down any rough parts. Good luck!
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