Look what the FedEx guy brought me today!


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Theres striped tails, and then theres striped tails. Little guy looks like he as an iguana or water dragon tail :)


Thanks everyone for your kind words! Wow, I just experienced it's first drinking session. I know everyone said that they need a lot of water, but holy moly did it drink a lot! I wish my panthers drank like that. It just kept on drinking for like 5 minutes. I thought I'd drown it. But it looks very quenched and happy now and is basking in the sun.


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That baby is so darn cute!!Any idea how old your little jewel is? I am sure going to enjoy watching that one grow up. Congratulations !!!!!!

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I'm going to say your Parsonii is a male. He has got exceptionally orange eyes and that normally is the sign of a young male. What species of tree is he on in your photo's? Avocado?
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