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Hello everyone, I am new here and am interested in getting a chameleon..this is something i looked into many many moons ago (i think about 6 years ago), but decided against it because i did not have the time to devote to properly take care of another animal.

Well, i am back on the saddle, and I would greatly appreciate if someone could provide me with some links to any websites with species info (preferably with some pics), care info, cage info (possibly some DIY designs, i am pretty handy) and necessary equipment that i will need. I would also appreciate any other comments and suggestions to help get me up to speed.

You are doing a great thing on getting as much research as possible. If you have any questions ask here on the forums. The only tips/hints I can give you is make sure you have all your husbandry adressed before purchasing a cham. UVB/UVA lighting, Screen cage, Live plants, Water (Misting, dripper, etc) Heat lamps, heat gradient in the cage. When you have all of this stuff, and have decided which cham you want. Go to a Breeder. There are many on this forums list, and in the links. I personally would have gone to one of these people, knowing now what I didnt know then. Good luck.

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