I am still sitting here waiting!!!!


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TIA for reading this rant....I was not provided with a tracking number for my new Carpet Cham. Yes, I have emailed the company about this issue. I have basically sat around the house, when I had other things to get done. Usually if I have to leave the house I check the UPS site every 1/2 hour so I can get back asap. WEll needless to say I am just a bit ticked off! Thanks for listening!
What a PITA! What's important is that your new cham arrives in great condition -- which I hope it does.
Well I certainly didn't mean to offend you. I was saying that it's a pain in the ass that you have to wait around all day, with no idea when your cham is going to be delivered. I had hoped it arrived in good condition, which it seems it has. I'm not sure how that came off as offensive, but if that's how you read it, then I apologize. It was meant to be supportive.
some one hoping your cham comes in good is offensive. :rolleyes: Maybe Im confused

Its not what was said it is how it was said! LIKE what a PITA that you are sitting home waiting for your chameleon to come! I am done with this convo. I have already PM’d this individual to clear the matter up and have no response so I must be correct on the way I took it! So now I am done stirring the pot.
as already said sorry! Communication from a computer has no human emotion, I am sure that I am not the only one in cyber space that has mis understood a persons text or post!
Carpets are amazing little chameleons! Congratulations, cant wait to see pictures!

Yes pics are coming:) I am having issues with my D90. Today just hasn’t been a great one for me, anyhow I am going to take a few snapshots with my phone.
It is so much fun getting new pets. Can't wait for pictures of the lil fella...Big Congrats!!
Waiting on the arrival of a cham makes me pull my hair out!! Why can't they just give us a time and then get the cham there??? i am really happy you have a new carpet & can't wait to see pictures.:D
I went thru that yesterday, at least I didn't have to wait all day. I was a wreck by 10:30. I'm glad he arrived safe. I hope you enjoy!!
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