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I've been the proud owner of veileds, a senegal, brevs, a carpet, a bearded dragon, stick bugs, a millipede, an ornamental turtle, and a leopard turtle. I've been raising chameleons for about 6 yrs. Sadly, my husbandry is not strong enough when it comes to my females. I never knew that their egg site had to be soooo deep. I've lost 3 different types of chameleon females to egg binding. I hope to be successful now that I'm aware of the need for a very deep egg-laying container. I'm looking to raise another female carpet & add a female brev/pygmy bearded to my brev habitat this year. :)
Hello TxCham, welcome to the Chameleon Forums :)

It looks like you have had experience with some very interesting creatures. If you have not already, I recommend visiting I believe they have some articles that would be of use to you. Good luck.
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