Hasnt ate much the past week


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YOU CHAMELEON: Male Panther. 8 months old. Ambilobe

HANDELING: maybe once a week he will crawl onto my hand while spot cleaning.

FEEDING: crickets offered every day. Dubias around once a week. Hornworms maybe once a month.

SUPPLEMENTS: rep cal calciun w/ out d3 every feeding. Rep cal calcium w d3 once a month because the other day ill take him outside. And herpivite multi vit twice a month.

WATERING: mist king. Goes off every 2 hours from when the light comes on to go off. No less than 2 mins per mist. Longest being 6 mins.

FECEAL DESCRIPTION: i saw one earlier in the week with an air bubble in it. Other than that one theres been nothing weird. They look normal.

HISTORY: got him wgen he was 3 months. Never had any problems before.

CAGE TYPE: 4ft by 2 by 2

LIGHTING:50 repti sun 5.0 linear bulb for uvb. 60 watt white household bulb for heat.

TEMPERATURE: basking spot fluctuates between 85 to 91. Lower cage ive temp gunned in the high 60s to mid 70s.

HUMIDITY: never been less than 40%. Never seen it more than 70%. Usually stays around 50.

PLANTS: 2 pothos plants. 3 fake vine like plants with plastic leaves.

PLACEMENT: cage is in the spear bedroom. Im really the only one who goes in there. Hes by a window. Completely dark at night.

WHERE I AM GEOGRAPH..... LOCATED AT: Western Colorado.

CURRENT PROBLEM: I fed him a horn worm last sunday and he loved it. In the past week he has ate 7 large crickets. 5 coming 2 days ago and 2 coming yesterday. But he doesmt care for them much right now. I see him drink. Hes very active. Climbing all over the cage like hes doing laps. Climbs out on top of the cage door when i open it. He is pooping every day still. My concern is him not eating since ive always seen him eat. Thanks. Ken.


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Heres him today and his enclosure


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