Had a Scare This Morning


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I'm out of town and the pet sitter/house sitter called this morning with a problem. Sunday is food day for everybody and I also have my daughter's cat and chams while she's been traveling on winter break. Well Amanda, my sitter was feeding horn worms and one got stuck on the roof of Bertha's mouth (one of my daughter's female panthers). She had to work with her for awhile...she kept trying to swallow and get it down but couldn't on her own. Finally Amanda was able to get her mouth open and help her free the hornworms grip. Bertha is normally very sweet but she bit Amanda. It was her first time to be bitten by a cham but she said it wasn't too bad and now Bertha is fine.
How awful! Glad Bertha and Amanda are ok. It's really frighteneing when they have trouble with food getting stuck - a couple of times Tommy has managed to get a large locust wedged across his mouth and not been able to free it and I have had to try to help him. Luckily both times he managed to free it himself after a while, but not before he ggot me into a hot sweat, lol! I thought the first time was just a one off, but he did it again the next week too! Hasn't done it again since though, thankfully!
Thanks Zac and Tiff. She said it was a small horn worm, too. She said she didn't even give the big boys a large one and gave the girls an even small one.
im sorry

to hear about that but im glad its all ok, and i had to comment because i LOVE the name bertha.
Isn't the worst part, it happening when you aren't there to take care of it? I know others try but I don't think most people put the total caring into their animals like you & I am a bunch of others. Glad it is ok now.
to hear about that but im glad its all ok, and i had to comment because i LOVE the name bertha.

Thank you! Bertha is a really big 95 gram panther female.....over two years old and never laid eggs. She's kept a little cooler and not overfed.
Thats always the worst when something happens and you're not there. Even you know the person is fine taking care of it, you cant help but have a million things go through your head that could happen. Glad she is alright!
I had Laurie bite me early on the day she died when forcing some food on her.
That was the first time any of mine bit me. I guess I have friendly chams.

Glad to hear all is OK...the title scared me.

ugh i know it had to be hard knowing u werent there to do it yourself but it looks like your sitter has earned her chameleon stripes. you now know she wont be scared to do what she can to save your chams if in any trouble. the other day my boy kymani was goin after a super but couldnt get a good shot at the head so he just went for the tail. (bad new written all over it) so the super going into defense mode whipped around and took a nip at his turret. hes ok just put a scare in him.
Thanks guys. Yea my sitter is great! She cleans my house when I work at H&R Block during tax season so she knows my house and my pets. She has a 5 month old baby and doesn't want to go back to work and leave him right away so I pay her well for taking excellent care of the pets. She loves the chams and says someday when she's ready she will have one.
YOu are definitely lucky having her! I don't know anyone who would even feed my cham let alone save him in a crisis!
These little guys can sure give us a scare now and then!!!! Hope you can enjoy the remainder of your vacation!
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