My angry girl ...


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Got home from work a little early today and thought Spazzy butt might like a hornworm or two ... she greeted me at the door to her old enclosure (she's been hanging out in there quite a bit recently)
First she grabbed my finger like she was considering climbing out (she hasn't been held in months which isn't unusual, she hates her human staff lol)
When she finally let go, I handed her the cup with 2 dubia roaches and a hornworm in it .... then she saw the cat jump on the bed (across the room) and promptly told the cat exactly what she thought of her 🤣
My girl is shedding and the face she made absolutely killed me 😂 I am no good now 🤣🤣🤣🤣
(The thing in her mouth is a partially chewed dubia, I watched her for several minutes to make sure it went down and she did drink so water after she calmed down)
She has looked at this cat her entire life (as long as we've had her) and has never paid one bit of attention to the cat until today .... all 3 of the cats are TERRIFIED of Spazzy, they ordinarily won't even go in her room because they're so scared of her
I thought y'all might enjoy princess prissy pants in all her sassy glory 😂
Out of the 6 pets, she definitely wears the pants around here ... it's her way or the highway 😂


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