Gout has ruined him :( I hate it.


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This is the worst post I will ever have to make on this forum and hopefullythis is the last. About 8 months ago neptune developed extreme swelling in his front left arm and I took him to the vet to see what it was. At first we thought he had fallen and maybe hurt his arm. So we let heal and it seemed like at first it was healing. About three months later it got worst. Took him to a new vet and got blood work done. Results came back that his calcium to phosphorus level was out Of balance. So he was on neoCalglucon to boos his calcium level up. That didn't work, so after his calcium liquid was finished we returned to the vet again. This time he was put on colchaccine for possible gout. He's been on that and rimadyl ever since about september. At the beginning of this month it spread even more to his other front leg and to his right rear leg. My vet told me to continue with the colchaccine and rimadyl and water and I have been doing this ever since. I've also been providing for him silkworms and hornworms, hoping that it would help him. But these past two weeks have been extremely stressful. He is in so much pain and I can see it. It hurts me as well to see him go down hill so fast. I have done everything I possibly could. He's been through 2 vets back and forth trying to fix his problem. It will not go away. I don't know what to do and it's killin me :( I had huge plans for him, he is so beautiful and such an amazing chameleon. I came home today and I had him in a cage now I stead of a free range because I was scared he would fall and he seems to have lost the ability to use his back legs. He use to be vibrant blue and now he is black and washed out blue-ish green. I hate gout. I truly have done everything for these past 8 months to try and get him back to tip top health. I don't like seeing him in so much pain, but I refuse to let him die. I guess I'm asking at this point what should I do? Euthanize him so he won't suffer anymore or try even more to help him out? He is falling fast and it is sickening to watch him suffer like this from gout :(
im sorry to hear this sad story but if you think hes not gonna make a turn for the better the only thing you can do is to end his suffering. what did your vet say about it???? i really hope he gets better!!!!
I know I don’t have 2 cents to rub together, 1st as being a new owner to chams, and 2nd because I am still in the learning stage (s). So I am sticking my neck out here so to speak, I would put him down to end his suffering. Especially since you know as well as his vet that he is suffering. I am sorry to hear this is happening to you and for that matter any animal lover. Please KUP I will be stalking you. Enjoy the time you do have with him now before making your decision.

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Angelina :(
I have had to put down several chameleons, it is heartbreaking. I have to say it sounds like it is time for him to be put down. My heart goes out to you both.
My vet told me to continue with the medicine and give him showers and take him outside for some sunlight. I have not yet told her about the back legs that I just observed this evening. :( I really do not want to euthanize him. But this gout has gotten out of hand. My vet and I can't think of a solution other than gout medicine, water, proper heat, natural light, and just all around tender care to get him back to health. This weekend he was fine, walking around normal even though he had the gout but today was like a smack in the face to come home and see him black and on the bottom of his cage unable to move his rear legs.
My first cham died of what I think was gout. Took him to a vet who "knew" chameleons. Claimed it was arthritis but they symptoms were definitely of gout. I couldnt stand to see him like that so he was put down. Sorry to hear about your chameleon.
I dont want to let him suffer any longer :( I guess it is time to end his suffering. I hate gout more than anything right now. I wish there were a much easier way to treat this. :( He was an amazing chameleon, the best chameleon I have right now. He was my favorite out of all chamsI keep. This is so hard to watch him go like this. I truly hope no one has to go through what me and Neptune had to go through for these past 8 months. Thank you :(
remember the good times and let him go with dignity. you have done what you can and he sure has to but somethings are just out of our control.
Well it seems he's passing right now as we speak. He's unresponsive and his colors are near white now :( i just hope he had a great life while he was healthy, I made sure he did.
my heart goes out to you...i am so sorry to hear about Neptune. He sounds like he was a wonderful cham. :(
Sad to hear you & he had to endure all that and still lose the battle. You did everything you could.

I am glad you have the others to help you get over this.
Is the method of catching gout in humans the same or any similarities in herps, and by that I mean too much rich food? Is there a way to change the diet of your other chams so that they dont catch gout as well. Maybe you could fill us in as to what you were feeding him prior or during his illness so we can learn from your unfortunate occurance?
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