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Hello everyone.
I am on my 3rd Chameleon in about 5 years.
First I had a Senegal cham Male. Who I had for about 2 years before he had trouble with his tounge and passed. A year later I got a beautiful caped dwarf who ended up being my chameleon/cat. Had him for almost 3 years but i moved from California to Texas and he didn't take the move well at all and passed broke my heart... now here I am.. with a more basic chameleon and FIRST FEMALE veiled.. she seems so sassy! And a little piggy. She drinks water fine. Got used to her new enclosure. I am a "open cage policy" type.. I have had her about 4-5 days.. I opened the cage yesterday to see if she would emerge... and in the wait.. I fell asleep.. woke up to her happily on the pothos right outside of her cage. She hung out for a bit as she just watched me.. nibbled on the plant leaves.. but let me tell you. Trying to get her back was rough.. she would NOT let my hand anywhere near her. She got so upset.. but I felt like she knew what I wanted as she started heading back towards her cage. I know it takes time to tame them but as her being my first female. Maybe their personality is more aggressive? Here is a picture of her yesterday after taking a bite of plant as you can see. The other picture is my last cham male Basil. He really was beautiful


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Congrats on your new baby, and welcome to the forums!!! I would t worry about her nervousness, fear, aggression. It can take a long time for a veiled chameleon to warm up to a new owner. And though I hate to say it, veileds are generally grumpy. As for being a female, she’ll need a laybin in the enclosure permanently once she hits 6-9 months.
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