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Hello all!
Well I saw my female in her cage, flashing some receptive colors, so I grabbed her, and introduced her to my male's cage. Shortly after, he strapped on his awesome colors, and they were doing their breeding ritual. It was funny to begin with because his tail was on top of a leaf so he couldn't copulate and he started freaking out. I helped him out a little bit and moved the leaf out of the way, and boom, that started the copulation. It lasted between 10-15 minutes long, about double to triple the amount of time as last time. I will be introducing them a few more times to ensure fertile eggs are produced.


Seems like 3 of the shots had the "Money Shot". First one is the real one :rolleyes:


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Congrats!! So the first pairing never produced any eggs?

To my knowledge, no. She never dug a hole. And I searched every possible place she could have laid, and nothing. I am not sure why though (as to why they didn't produce egg).

Were you playing some baby making music for them or what? :D ;)

Funny you should ask that. It happened to work out in a funny way. I've recently started a vinyl collection, and some of the softer music was playing. I just put my "Dark Side of the Moon" album back and put in some foreigner. When I transfered her to the male's cage "Cold As Ice" was playing, which fits her well, as she usually is a bi***. When I sat back down, I put the Beach Boys in. And "California Girls" was playing. I guess that put them in the mood :)
I just didn't feel AC/DC, Black Sabbath, or Guns N' Roses would have put them in the "mood" :p
Well it has been a month, and she is huge. I now have her egg laying bin in with her, but she has yet to show the signs, except for reduced eating. We'll see how long this goes
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