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I know this is probably a long shot. I am in search of a healthy male furcifer Verrucosus. I have an abundance of females and no males. And the imports I’ve seen are in such terrible shape, I’d prefer to avoid dealing with them, as the last male import I received was basically dead on arrival.
So if anyone out there has a nice male and would like to help with a breeding project please let me know.
We could split the eggs 50/50. I’m located in US California. I have 2 RTB females and 2 newly hatched females. All from different genetics. But not a single male.

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I haven’t even seen those in captivity, are they the subspecies found on Mauritius? Red females and red headed males?

Verrucosus are a highly underrated species.
Furcifer verrucosus semicristatus are from the Southwest part of Madagascar. I have not seen that type of Furcifer verrucosus in the captivity for about 20 years. The females are gorgeous and show red and purple colors. The males are similar to normal Furcifer verrucosus. There colors are just not the same.

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