Dr. Gonzo baby thread Prt 3


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So I'll start the new thread of Dr. Gonzo babies. I wonder what everyone's is looking like now? Haven't seen much of them in a while. Post away!



Hmmm howd i miss this rite on i was just thinkin its time for a new update thread to see how the brothers are doin. Bokazar is a trip with the colors this eve he was lookin more like bean how weird the colors this guy throws...


then a belly shot as you can see hes blue but he isnt always usually his belly is white.
Garbonzo (Bean)

Here are some photos from today:)
He doesn't have any red in him, except a couple little spots.


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Mr. Bill is not getting left out! Hubby's pride & joy.


Now getting away form me as fast as he can, and he is fast!


I want a gonzo baby!!! Very nice chams :)

keep waiting theres goin be more soon. ryan has some incubating, an im goin down to pick up my gravid female bred to Dr G so there will def be more offspring from this awesome guy, the female bred to Dr G also has a twin sister thats been bred to my Dr G baby so i cant wait to see how those two clutches turn out... DR GONZO ROCKS..
I contacted Ryan to see when the babies would be out. :) Those babies are smoking!

rite on shouldnt be much longer an if your not in a big hurry this new female hes been bred too i have a feelin that they are goin be out of this world.. i know i cant wait to see them.
laurie im not sure which one urs is from the first or second clutch im sure if you pm ryan an ask him he could figure it out for ya..
i know i waited a year for my DR G baby an it was well worth the wait
Soooo nice. Who is this Gonzo character and where do I get a Cham from him!

Hi ktown heres a link bout DR G. and ryan is the man to talk to about a dr g baby. i waited a year for my boy an it was well worth it. like i said hes got some cookin. an was just introduced to a new gf thatll be layen eggs soon, all the DR G boys have turned out awesome i cant wait to see what his latest gf's offspring are goin to look like with the DR G bloodline and kents awesome ambanja line there sure to be out of this world..
edit :i forgot the link https://www.chameleonforums.com/dr-gonzo-42796/
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Latest clutch of Dr. G eggs are at 7 months and 5 days. They are big and fat. I hope they start popping soon.

I am making a list so PM me. It's getting pretty long!
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