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Discussion in 'Enclosures And Supplies' started by Nosyparker, Apr 9, 2015.

  1. Nosyparker

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    Could anyone direct me to somewhere that builds custom vivariums? I'm looking to upgrade my chameleons viv now he's a little older

  2. happy

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    you could build your own.... there is a plethora of idea's on the forums... but if you have money to burn, ive always wanted a cages by design.. almost no matter what you do, you will have to "decorate" the enclosure yourself. depending on where you are located, maybe a member could assist you...

    if you are just looking for a new enclosure, i have noticed every one seems to likes the dragon strands enclosures, they have some really nice features.... and they a sponsor to the forums... so, kinda like a 2fer....\

    just noticed you are in England, shipping probably be a bear..... contact him, you never know...
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    Like this?
    Well maybe not, can't get my picture loaded

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