Free Juvenile panther Chameleon!!! With proof of purchase of DS enclosure... and shipping fee


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Hello everyone! I will be giving away a free juvenile panther chameleon to anyone who shows proof of purchase for a Chameleon Academy 3x2x4 Custom Reptile Habitats arboreal enclosure or a Dragonstrand hybrid enclosure. All you have to do is pay for shipping or pick up if you’re local. The juveniles are YBBB ambilobes but show A classic Rainbow color pattern. They are currently 3 months old and I’ll ship the first or second week of April when weather is warm and safe enough for transport. Here are some pictures of the Sire and the previous batch of juveniles to give you an idea of what they will look like as they mature. I have the blessing of bill strand himself for this so if you have any question ask him on his social media or direct message me on instagram @Jitsujames


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Hi there welcome to the forum. Due to the subject of your thread I have moved your thread to "chameleons for sale" category. The way you have your "giveaway" structured it would not fall into our free classified section and it would not be a post for general discussion. I have also edited your thread title since these chams are not 100% free.
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