US FREE- 1 year old Sambava male to Good Home (must have proof of chameleon enclosure set up)-Pick Up Only


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Hi everyone,

I am looking to re-home my 1 year old male Sambava panther chameleon, locally in the Los Angeles, CA area (pick up only, not considering shipping at this time). He is a Kammerflage Kreations baby (parents are Uhtred x Lagertha hatched Sept-Oct 2021)

My only requirement- MUST HAVE THEIR OWN CHAMELEON CAGE ENCLOSURE SET UP(CORRECTLY). It is only the chameleon and not any supplies.

The reason he is free is because he was born with a tongue defect/short tongue, and I have decided I can not responsibly take care of him with personal circumstances.

He eats by cup feeding(get close to the insects)
but has a good temperament! I am not charging him to rehome, i just simply want him to live his life as best as he deserves. He loves black crickets(CA only from rainbow mealworms - sponsor), brown crickets, BSF larvae, silkworms, horn worms, dubia nymphs (no adults), superworms/wax worms/butterworms (treats).

reach out via email [email protected].


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