cham living in a tree.


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i want to keep my cham in a ficus benjamen tree in my house. what can i do to keep him from leaving the tree.
and if anyone else has tried this i would love your input.
That is how I currently keep one of my chameleons. I have two ficus that I linked together with some fake vines. He is in my bedroom with all the doors closed. Most of the time he stays there but every once and a while I find him on the curtain rod or on the top of my shelf with my teddy bear. I also keep my room very warm and have a basking light and 48 inch florescent uv lights and a dripper hanging from the ceiling over the trees. I would not suggest putting him in a high traffic area. If he gets off the tree, you wouldn't want someone to step on him. Whenever I go into my bedroom I always make sure to find him first.
cham will mostly go for highest point they can see or get to. I was gonna do it but have to many other animals in my home and worry about the correct temp setting when in atmosphere like that!
ill be feeding crix from a feeder cup. im just trying to see if it will work having the cham in a tree to free roam the tree and not get out of it.
I can't think of anything that would guarantee no escapes besides a cage of some kind.
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