Herbie’s Sky Walk

This stuff is wonderful! It’s really tough, textured, real rubber. Nothing like those flexible ExoTerra vines that have that brown flakey dirt dust stuck to them.

Both ends of this 50’ hose were threaded like a garden hose (because it is one lol) so I cut one end off to get the length I needed. With the extra hose I cut a detachable rope ladder for Bert to get up onto his sky walk. I’ll remove this piece when it’s not in use. Easy peasy.

Also, now that it’s hard rubber instead of rope, I could tighten the curtain rod hangar set screws so the hose won’t wiggle/budge while Bert walks on it. Super tight.

I can’t wait to pick up my tree!!!!
My track isn't super tight, it moves and swings some places more than others, but I have NEVER had a single one falloff it. Branches in natures swing all over the place☺️
What I use is a soakerhose which I feed a doubled 16 gauge flexible metal wire inside. So it get firmer, but still remains flexible. I then ziptie branches onto it. I also added some fake ivy vine underneath it, cut they don't like to step on the fake leaves.
U can get the soakerhose in different thickness, I got both a thinner one for the youngsters and thicker for adults, but they can easily balance on either one.
Chams LOVE to be on the track. Sometimes one sleeps up there overnight, lol.
I should have just asked you!!!
It's actually a free range set up for out of the cage time. I would love to have one wall of my office be this. Have some huge plants incorporated into it. And then another wall be cham cages. I suppose I need my office desk too lol. But then you can let them out for out of the cage time.
Low key that’s what my reptile room will be. With an itty bitty desk for me to work from…
I got a hiss while trying to guide him back into the enclosure. He had a lot of emotions on his short walk. Next time I’ll try to be out of sight
Keep in mind it is new so he is going to get more territorial while he makes sure that no threats are around. It will take a bit of time for him to know it is safe. NOTE when they get out of the cage time like this it can make them more eager to leave the cage or start pacing the cage. They start to prefer being out with space over being stuck in the cage.
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