Breeding Chameleons Soon?

Breeding Chameleons Soon?

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Do you have plans to breed chameleons within the next year? If so what species or locale will you be working with?

No - I have no plans to breed chameleons within the next year.
Yes - I have plans to breed chameleons within the next year.
Maybe - I'm considering it and may breed chameleons within the next year.



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I'll start. I have at this point a small group of melleri, with at least one highly-potential pair among them, so I am planning [hoping] something will come of them. So I am planning to breed this year, but it depends on whether they agree!

Tay And A

Yes :) I will have a ton of babies hatching soon! And all throughout next year :) ambilobe's, falys, nosy be's, veileds possibly, and Ambanja's lol :)


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I'm planning on it but it wont be til real late 2014/2015. My husband finishes school late 2014 and hubby doesn't want me to do anything til we move.


I will (I hope) breed BB Ambilobe-Nosy be crossings in 2014 but first, my 2 months old BB Ambilobe guy must grow up! :) If i can find a pair, i really want to breed T. montium and/or a Kinyongia species too!!!

I am Turkish. So, sorry for bad English. :(


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I plan to breed my high yellow bodied blue ambi to 2 females from high yellow bodied sires.

lines are related to Kammers and screameleons.
In the next 30 days.
I would love to find Gizmo (veiled chameleon) a suitable mate over the next few months, so who knows! I just think Gizmo deserves to be a Papa because of the love he receives for his unique casque. Any Canadians want to send me a high-veil line female?! =P


I will be breeding Rafiki, my bb ambilobe to another bb ambilobe within the month....Super excited about this pairing as I have been waiting a long time to find the perfect female..... I also have a true blue nosy be female im contemplating breeding with my ambanja.....But not sure just yet how I feel about the whole cross breeding situation and the more I learn Im leaning more toward not doing it.....


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I am hoping to breed some BB Ambilobes within the coming year. I am getting my male from ferretinmyshoes in the next couple of weeks and hope to get a nice female early next year. I figure they will both be a year or older and I will have had them established long enough to be able to breed them toward the end of summer or early fall next year.


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Multiple lines of Ambilobes
Meru Jacksons

Other species I will hold back on mentioning at this time. :D

Mike Fisher

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Yes, Kinyongia multituberculata and Kinyongia matschiei. Currently sitting on eggs of both. May pick up some true blue Nosy Be, but not sure if I will yet. Montanes are my thing but panthers sure are pretty.


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Currently: 100+ veil eggs. 53 blue bar eggs. 7 live jax (3 mos. old). Females in rotation: veil 3. Blue bar 2. Nosy be 1. Jax 2.
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