Big day for Solar and Skittles tomorrow


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I will be doing a full overhaul on their enclosures tomorrow, and Im hoping they tolerate it ok. Im going to have my husband supervise their showers while Im doing all of this, and then take them both outside for some sun, as it may take me awhile. Im so glad the weather will be decent tomorrow. Im excited for them to get outside. This will be their first time outside since I have had them, due to weather.

Anyhow, I finally found a couple plants today (Umbrella, and a gardenia) at Lowe's hardware. It was quite a task since the weather has been so unusually cold lately...people just didnt have much out to buy. I will be re-potting and washing them tomorrow so I can get them in their enclosures, putting new branches in ( I bought bamboo yard sticks that are 4 ft. long each to use) and also moving the enclosures upstairs into my bedroom bc where they are now have just been getting waaaay too much traffic lately and I just dont think they are comfortable there. Im hoping all of this doesnt put too much stress on them, but it really has to be done.

Any input on any of this is much appreciated.

Hope everyone is well!


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Actually yes! It came out great, and I posted pics I think, but I will re-post a couple here:


And Miss Skittles:

Here she is hugging my Husband's finger LOL

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