Baby chamelion seems not happy

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Hi guys. New to the forums here.

So recently over the past day or so I noticed My Veiled Chameleon (about 2-3 months old) acting a little odd. Hes been hanging out next to his heat lamp and panting, which I know is normal for regulating temperature, but recently with the panting and puffing out his neck hes also been jerking and swaying around in a strange way. I read up about it and it seems this can be a symptom of dehydration/being over fed/ and shedding. Ive noticed in the past few days hes eaten ALLOT and has also been growing at an incredible rate, and his belly does look a little bloated. He also seems to be slumping over a bit and seems lethargic (not sleeping though). Id say shedding sounds plausible but he just sheded about a week ago. His skin is starting to look a little whiter though around his head. Is it possible he might shed again so soon because of his growth? Also Ive noticed his pattern seems to fluctuate from light green to green and black spotted. Is this the regular pattern hes going to take on when hes older so hes displaying it more, or is he just really stressed out. Ive been keeping a dipper going twice a day and misting his cage, but I don't really notice him drink too much. Other wise he looks healthy and he still eats when he feels like it.
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