Are sperm plugs normal?


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I've never seen this from my boy before! He's my first veiled ~9months old. Could this be the reason why his appetite hasn't been normal lately (thus causing his bowel movements to be less frequent)? The urates say that my hydration is okay... I'm confused! Lol Is this going to happen every time he sheds now? He started a shed 2 days ago, and I found this this morning. Or is it just a sign he is now sexually mature? Google just comes up with info on sperm plugs that wont leave the system... but he seemed to get rid of it just fine, so is this normal?

I just had him at the vet a few weeks ago and everything set up/health wise looked alright. I'm just waiting for the lab results to come back from the fecal I dropped off this morning.

Quick specs (since everythings already been vet approved):
-Extra large ExoTerra screen enclosure
-Reptisun 10.0UVB (tube light w/ reflector on top of screen, hence 10.0 not 5.0) ...Cant remember the brand of my basking spot, but it exists! :p
-Supplements: ReptiCal w/out D3 twice a week, ReptiCal w/D3 once a week, Herptivite Multivitamins once a week
-Dripper on 24-7, Spray 2x daily
-Plants: 2 Ficus, Dracaena, Schleffera (dirt in pots are covered with rocks)
-Food: gutloaded cricks, superworms, hornworms, butterworms (not more than 10/2 months), silkworms
-Outside time when temps allow: 2x/week
-Handling: only for outside trips & cage cleaning
Yes sperm plugs are just one of the less that wonderful parts of owing male chams. But look on the bright side, that is mess but rarely a problem. Females on the other hand present with egg laying problems often.
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