Any ideas for a simple large outdoor enclosure (renting)


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As the title says, just trying to think of ideas for a large outdoor enclosure during the day for my Parson's and/or Panthers. I rent and will be moving in probably a year or 2 max, so I didn't want to build anything too complicated. I was looking at the outdoor aviaries for birds, but the reviews were terrible and for a few hundred dollars(what they cost) I feel I can get better. Any creative ideas? Would like it to be simple because I have my first kid due early this summer and I don't want to get into any large projects for the time being.

Thanks in advance
I have seen someone build a bird cage out of a few wooden planks and what looked like screen/gutter guard attached in between the planks, and then a few hinges for the door, and that was basically it. You can choose your own dimensions. Not sure if that is too big of a project, though, but it is pretty cheap. Also, congratulations!


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Yeah that wouldn't be too bad, I probably wouldn't take it with me when I moved though cause I'll likely be moving out of state when we leave here. Whatever it is, I want to be able to have it all done within a day. Don't want to deal with staining and all that. Think regular wood would hold up outside?

Edit: saw you said congratulations... thank you!
I am not too well-versed in wood, but all of the outdoor furniture that we have has been stained and such so that the weather won't damage it. I don't know if there are any chameleon-safe wood stains for outdoors, but maybe if the cage has some cover so the sun doesn't beat on it and so rain and snow won't damage it. I think the PVC would be good as long as you can find some way to mount a screen onto that, maybe with hot glue or something.


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There is a Japanese wood char method that is effective for up to 100 years that requires no firther treatment. I'I unaware if this has been tested to be safe with reptiles in general, but the lack of chemicals and waterproofing required may make it an option. I know they either leave the char on or in this case, you'd want to steel brush it all off. Leaves wood like it's been clear coated, it appears wetted basically.
for the wood, especially since this isnt a long term en closure you should look at yellawood. it is pressurized wood that is naturally resistant to moisture, rot, and fungus. wouldn't require any further staining or treating to hold up for a year or two.
I am building one now.... probably not big enough for a Parsons but I dont know parsons other than they are big. Below is a link to make a smaller version. It is a cylinder made from 4' x 1/2 wire . For the base I paid $12 for a whisky barrel shallow liner (6" deep). I linked that below as well. The barrel liner is like 28" making the diameter of the cage the same.


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The only problem I've had is the zipties have broken from the sun exposure. These cages are 5 years old. They are about 6'x 30". I had trouble finding the plastic hinges, but everything else was from Home depot. I would look for UV proof zipties next time.
I also used drip hose and ran it around inside in slow continuous circles. You can see the quad on it.
Hope that helps!
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