Ideas for new Parson enclosure

Hey I was curious if anyone had any good ideas / pictures of cheap indoor parsons enclosures? I'm upgrading from a 36x18x36 screen cage. I don't think Dragon Strand makes the larger cages anymore and not wanting to go to Tamura Designs . Any suggestions would be great. Thanks in advance :)
36 x 18 x 36 is far too small unless it’s a baby . Minimum should be 4’ x 4’ x 2’ but I would suggest going bigger . Two of my home built parsons enclosures are 5’ x 4’ x 32” and sit over 42 off the ground . There is a company called Apexcages that has stackable cages that can be modified to fit these dimensions. But I went with Tamura . I’m not sure what their price range is . And if I remember correctly the tamura basic without lights and fixtures runs right around 15 . I had mine custom built wider and deeper with closable doors and screens in one so I could contain the humidity at night . If you spent the money on a parsons I would highly suggest spending the money on the enclosure . Good luck to you. They’re one of the most rewarding Chamaeleons I’ve ever worked with 👊😎

Or build your own

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