Ants in my plants


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As of yesterday, the ants that nest in the mulch outside have decided to wait out the rest of winter indoors, and they're making a bee-line for, among other places, the cham cages and their pots, vines, etc. They're coming in around the window sills in several rooms. Hubby and I have followed back their trails and plugged as many inlets as we can find, but still they come -- little tiny black ants with a mean little bite. Anyone know any safe-for-chameleon biological controls I can use indoors -- right around the cages? The cucumber skin trick isn't working real well. Thanks in advance!
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Well.. it isn't very pretty looking but works well for the scouts.. I roll up duct tape and place around the edges of the shelves that my dart tanks are on (ants haven't gone for the chams enclosures). I also have ant baits/traps spread out along the baseboards in the critter room.. I have found the baits/traps work well - have hardly seen many ants since I started using them..

I cannot wait to move next week and fingers crossed - be rid of any ant problems! :mad:
Ants dont like cinnamon. You could make a cinnamon baracade by sprinkling cinnamon powder around the cham cages.

A couple of tuperware dishes with water at each one of the legs will work descently. You could wrap the tape around the cords.

Ants only come where there is food. You may not be able to help it but make sure feeders are not left in for substainal periods of time.
Ants use a scent trail to direct the other where to go. I would try wiping the areas around where they are coming in with bleach or look on the internet for something else that can remove the scent. This should help keep them away from the cage but not necessarily keep them from getting into the house.

well when i was a kid my uncle hated ants so he told me one day to mix icning sugar the real powdery stuff and baking soda together and when the ants eat it they cant "fart" ahahah and then they blow up , iv done it alot as a kid and it works to so try that out jope it works
oh forgot if it comes down to it use dish soap and water ina spray bottle and the soap just bites the ants so bad they die its like homemade RAID! lol and like roo said gets rid of there trail to
Thanks Boothy, but I think I'll try the soap trick first -- heaven knows nothing else has worked. (My office now smells like an Italian kitchen, which isn't a bad thing). At this point, I much prefer strategies for annihalation of these invaders over deterrence. I just got a new baby cham and I'm scared to death their gonna try to forage this little thing. Grrrr. This is why I miss writing deadlines..
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